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Learn to Love Yourself: Fight For Your Furture

    This might sound cliche but it's the bold truth, that you have to fight for what you want. And the harder you scuffle the closer you come to obtaining it. That goes from everything in life from job promotions, respect in a relationship, equality among peers and on and on. Sometimes the battle is to move forward or away from someone or something. Never stop fighting. If you do that means you have let down your guard. If you let down your guard you give away the control you have over your life. This is part two of my "Learn to Love Yourself." Series. In part one I helped you find your true worth. This time around I will prepare you to become a warrior so you can brawl for it all.         "Some people die at age 25..." - Benjamin Franklin. I first heard that quote from the world renowned Les Brown. The quote means some people give up on there true aspirations and dreams at age 25. Some people that we deem to be successful aren't exactly happy. This i

Learn to Love Yourself : Know Your Worth

      I harbor pain that is unspoken. I carry scars that are unseen. I am my biggest critic. I have giving my all to those who aren't worth my time. OMG, I realize that time is all I have. Time that I spent in pitiful relationships. Time, working at jobs feeling unfulfilled. I use to consider my self a victim. Now I consider my self a survivor. Because victims never heal but survivors grow stronger. My next step is to be a warrior. Because warriors fight on. This post is the first in a series about self-love. There are levels  to this. Level one is to recognize your worth. Not what people tell you your worth. Not how worthless you may have been feeling. But your true worth.                                     The video above "Meet Yourself..." - Niko Everett at TEDxYouth shares a story that I can relate to. You may have let the circumstances that you grew up in define your self worth. You may have let your friends or family negativity influence how you look at yoursel

Work Hard, Dreamers

      It's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s. birthday and I'd like to talk about dreams. It's funny because dreams  have been consuming my mind for the past few months. Thinking about how I let some get away from me; how I forgot some of them, and what can I do to grasp them. So I started on a journey to affirm my success and reach those goals that I kept postponing.       "What happens to a dream deferred. Does it dry up in the sun?... Or does it explode?" - Owen Wilson in "Internship" paraphrasing  Langston Huge's "A Dream Deffered". I was just watching the movie and it got me revved up. Here you had two middle aged men. All they knew was one thing, sales. And they weren't the best at it. Then they where told that all you knew wasn't good enough anymore. They where nice fellows that wore they hearts on there sleeves. Both guys were imperfect like we all are. But they reevaluated themselves. Both of them took inventory off th

Chasing Lost Dreams

       Below is a poem that I wrote many years ago. I was homeless working two part time jobs; all while attending college. It was my first semester. I was the first person in my family to ever attend college. The only support I had was my own. I became homeless because of my selflessness. But I maintained A's in school do to my perseverance. I was chasing my lost dreams, hoping that success was around the next bend. Chasing Lost Dreams I've been homless but never nameless To tell the truth I've been kind of shameless  but never pride less  Chasing lost drams wit' the nameless  Wit' a thirst to be famous  Chasing lost dreams, running  Chasing lost dreams, gating  I've been on my grind cousin Like Lupe Fiasco kick, pushing  Off of dreams dreams so astonishing  Dreams None but me acknowledging I've been chasing dreams  That compliment  My imaginations extent "Matrix" themes and "Dogma" elemen

The Entrepreneur, The Freak

Entrepreneur  : one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. Freak  : whimsical in quality or disposition i.e., capricious.         You know that guy at your job who is always positive despite the b.s.. He has an astounding work ethic yet the supervisor doesn't like him. The fella is social yet his intelligence makes others feel that he's being smug. He is always open to talk about his past failures; what he has learned from them, and how he has moved forward. You hear the guy talk about his goals that sound unattainable because he chooses to reach them traveling his own path. Wooh! That was a mouthful. Well I am that guy. The freak of nature. The always venturing. The ENTREPRENEUR. Lenwood Wilson Jr. (Homeless shelter event)       Born and bread in the inner-city of Baltimore, MD. I am a product of a single mother home with no positive male role models. A only child that was far from spoiled. I was ome of thes kis that w