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Chasing Lost Dreams

       Below is a poem that I wrote many years ago. I was homeless working two part time jobs; all while attending college. It was my first semester. I was the first person in my family to ever attend college. The only support I had was my own. I became homeless because of my selflessness. But I maintained A's in school do to my perseverance. I was chasing my lost dreams, hoping that success was around the next bend.

Chasing Lost Dreams

I've been homless
but never nameless
To tell the truth
I've been kind of shameless 
but never pride less 
Chasing lost drams wit' the nameless 
Wit' a thirst to be famous 
Chasing lost dreams, running 
Chasing lost dreams, gating 
I've been on my grind cousin
Like Lupe Fiasco kick, pushing 
Off of dreams dreams so astonishing 
None but me acknowledging
I've been chasing dreams 
That compliment 
My imaginations extent
"Matrix" themes and "Dogma" elements 
For me
An angel 
GOD must have sent
or I am just heaven sent
'Cause despite all odds
I'm still breathing 
Though life's been hard
I'm still hoping 
That I'm gonna be alright 
Everyday I tell folks
They gonna be alright 
Simply put GOD first
and slight man to the right 
They say he's good at encouragement 
and  his will seems tight
But the truth is
I'm dreamless 
and I don't know how I sleep at night 

By: Lenwood Wilson, Jr. aka L Flows 11/2007


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