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Never Stop Believing - Maintain Your Faith


    There comes a time in a man's life whereas he must yield to a greater power and let GOD lead him.

Many people are to egocentric, bull headed or simply to afraid to act on GOD's word. Thank goodness 

I was not. 1 year ago to this date I asked my father in heaven for guidance and he answered me swiftly.

I was working in a career path that I grew in financially fast, but I was unhappy and very stressed. To 

the point I felt I was getting ulcers. The stress level raised so high one day I got of from a long day of 

work and parked my work van. I got out of my vehicle to stretch and I passed out. I woke up about 3 

minutes later with scrapes on my left arm and face. It was after office hours no one would have found 

me till the morning time if I had not regained consciousness. I realized I had to make a drastic change 

toward a positive direction in my life.

    Walking in blind faith I started a new leaf on life and it lead me to leaving a career that I was growing

substantial wealth in. I jumped into the word of Independent contract services and never looked back. I

now had a end goal a destiny and it had been appointed to me by the None Greater. 4 months he added a

task to my path. It was to become a professional motivational speaker. For this would give me a

platform and financial opportunities that would aid in my end goal. The end goal involves healing 

whole families, physically, mentally and emotionally, while not leaving the father out of the process. 

This sounds life a grand feet but I am up to the task. When you walk in faith and are making yourself 

valuable to the market place.

    The universe speaks and gives back. Apparently I have been on a path of personal development for 5

 years adding value to myself over time. This has lead me to enter new arenas in life. In the past 4 

months 3 people that I have watching me grow revealed to me that they where millionaires. Each of 

these individuals in separate private conversations let me know that I am valuable and to stay consistent

 because people are watching me. On January 1st I  successfully organized, facilitated and hosted a 

international virtual speakers conference of 11 speakers on my personal platform on YouTube

 Affirmations For Growth. It is entitled Make Moves Major! Vol. 1 Round Table Talk. I employ you to 

watch this summit. It will change your life.

    I have faith that sharing mu story of upward success with be a inspiration for many people. You 

are unique. Your true destiny awaits you. If you fight it you will never be happy and you will never 

attain your greatest level of success. My primary advice to you is fight past your fears and start from 

where you are now or you will regret that you did not 10 years from now.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. It is very inspirational!


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