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Never Stop Believing - Maintain Your Faith

          There comes a time in a man's life whereas he must yield to a greater power and let GOD lead him. Many people are to egocentric, bull headed or simply to afraid to act on GOD's word. Thank goodness  I was not. 1 year ago to this date I asked my father in heaven for guidance and he answered me swiftly. I was working in a career path that I grew in financially fast, but I was unhappy and very stressed. To  the point I felt I was getting ulcers. The stress level raised so high one day I got of from a long day of  work and parked my work van. I got out of my vehicle to stretch and I passed out. I woke up about 3  minutes later with scrapes on my left arm and face. It was after office hours no one would have found  me till the morning time if I had not regained consciousness. I realized I had to make a drastic change  toward a positive direction in my life.     Walking in blind faith I started a new leaf on life and it lead me to leaving a career that I was growing substan