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New Beginings

          Hello all. This post will be simple, raw, and thought provoking. I have decided to write all my furture blog content free form. Meaning whatever is on my mind for the week is what I'm posting. With that being said this blog post is about new beginings.     First let me reintroduce myself. I am Lenwood Wilson,  Jr.. Please do note the junior, lol. My nickname name growing up was Chip or Big Chip. The nickname name was given to me at birth. It was to symbolize that I would be like my father; ie "Chip off the old block!". My father wasn't around for me after age 5. I am glad to say the negative parts of his character never rubbed of on me.    I grew up in the high crime city of Baltimore, MD U.S.A.. Primary none for sensless killings, drugs and H.I.V.. I was not a homebody and most of my friends where deep in the drug game. I made a conscious choice never to sell drug. I still hung out with my friends whether just chilling, beef or drug transactions. I can only
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Never Stop Believing - Maintain Your Faith

          There comes a time in a man's life whereas he must yield to a greater power and let GOD lead him. Many people are to egocentric, bull headed or simply to afraid to act on GOD's word. Thank goodness  I was not. 1 year ago to this date I asked my father in heaven for guidance and he answered me swiftly. I was working in a career path that I grew in financially fast, but I was unhappy and very stressed. To  the point I felt I was getting ulcers. The stress level raised so high one day I got of from a long day of  work and parked my work van. I got out of my vehicle to stretch and I passed out. I woke up about 3  minutes later with scrapes on my left arm and face. It was after office hours no one would have found  me till the morning time if I had not regained consciousness. I realized I had to make a drastic change  toward a positive direction in my life.     Walking in blind faith I started a new leaf on life and it lead me to leaving a career that I was growing substan

Try A Triathlon: Matthew Bailey

            Do not ever say that you can't do something if you have never tried. On July 17, 2015 a 9 year old  diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy competed and finished the Castle Howard Triathlon in North Yorkshire, England. This boy's name was Bailey Matthews. He did what most adults couldn't even imagine accomplishing. His determination and will to do is all he needed to amount such a daunting task. Of course much planning and training took place but that is all a part of completing any given goal.           Inspired by his experience last year Bailey has organized a triathlon for kids with disabilities called the "Be More Bailey Triathlon". He has warmed so many hearts and inspired so many people. Now he is using his acclaim for the betterment of others. This is so great. One of the biggest thing anyone can do is be of good service to others. I saw him do a interview after the race and he said something so cute but encouraging "I figured I'd giv

To Perform Or Not To Perform

          With the recent controversy over Beyonce Knowles's "Formation" video and performance at Super Bowl 2016 one would wonder is a revolution coming. No, because black folk are already here. We are accomplished and we are more and more representative of the semi-prestigious middle class of America. Excuse me but some of my followers my be taken aback by some of my views and statements in this post. Just as they where taken aback to "Formation" and to Kendick Lamar's performance at the Grammy's. Hold on to your seats, because African Americans are ready to affirm there rightful place in society.                                                        "Cause I slay!" This is a term spoken in Beyonce's Bae Bowl (what Beyonce fans called Super Bowl Fifty) song. It is also a urban term that is being shopped around on all forms of media nowadays. Simply put it means "I rule, I hold the whip now". Beyonce is stating that

One Step At A Time

      I don't know what tomorrow holds for me, but I know I have to take it one step at a time. I woke up this morning tired and weary. I am fighting the flu yet I stayed up late last night working on my newest  entrepreneurial venture . I have to get up and go to school. I have to continue to build my Smart Home  startup  website. I have to fiqure out what to write for this blog. Notice I kept repeating that "I have to". That is me willing myself to do. I make them my priorities. Starting a small business and still dealing with my everyday life is a major juggle. This post is for all those worrying about tomorrow. Have faith that a power higher then you will be your guide.       All around my home are positive affirmations; hung on walls, on the shower curtains, on the side tables. It's interesting because these symbolisms where put up by my girlfriend, and she doesn't even like affirmations. She is the type that is just naturally driven and directly i

Be A Builder

       So we have all heard of the term constructive criticism, right? Now think back to the last time you gave someone your two cents. Was that someone a family member, a friend, a co-worker or even one of your children? When you gave them your criticism did you offer advice on how they could improve themselves? Now really think; if your answer is "No" then you where a destroyer. We must all become builders. As a builder you should give sound advice. You should be kind ,and thoughtful of your words and tone when speaking. If you would like the person to do better; you must show them that you mean well. It is so easy to judge or berate  person. It takes a wonderful soul to lift someone up and point them in the right direction.           Let's go home. Home to our comfortable furniture, familiar surroundings and loved ones. We tend to be harsher towards the ones we are closest too. It's weird because it should be the opposite way around. We should show the utmo

Learn to Love Yourself: Keep Fighting

      We live in a age where opportunities for success are more available then ever. But we are still human. Many of us feel stuck. We work hard, but are not seeing the results we want. We fight the good fight, yet still get knocked down. Well you know what; get back up. Success will not come easy. If things aren't going the way you want them work harder. You must have faith in a higher power.  Faith that better things are to come. Faith that if you keep fighting you will win. Faith that your circumstances will change for the better.          So are you ready? Are you ready to succeed in life? I don't know what your background is. I don't know what turmoil you are in. But I know one thing. That if you continue fighting for something that it will eventually happen. I'm fighting for my furture right now. Outside of building my  smart home website , I am also is school for HVACR. It's tough and sometimes I get weary. But I know it's worth putting my best fo