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Be A Builder

       So we have all heard of the term constructive criticism, right? Now think back to the last time you gave someone your two cents. Was that someone a family member, a friend, a co-worker or even one of your children? When you gave them your criticism did you offer advice on how they could improve themselves? Now really think; if your answer is "No" then you where a destroyer. We must all become builders. As a builder you should give sound advice. You should be kind ,and thoughtful of your words and tone when speaking. If you would like the person to do better; you must show them that you mean well. It is so easy to judge or berate  person. It takes a wonderful soul to lift someone up and point them in the right direction.

          Let's go home. Home to our comfortable furniture, familiar surroundings and loved ones. We tend to be harsher towards the ones we are closest too. It's weird because it should be the opposite way around. We should show the utmost care and concern for our loved ones. But we often dismiss them because we know they will forgive us later. What if there is not a later. I want my girlfriend to know that I love her now. I want my ma to know that I am her solace. I am not perfect, no not by far. But I am going to refrain from destructive communication. I have to retrain my mind to perpetuate positivity. I must tell myself "I will communicate better with those closest to me." It all starts at home be cause your home is truly where your heart is.

      Friends seem to be the most forgiving people you will have. Friends will take crap from you and dish it back, then laugh about it tomorrow. Friends are also the quickest to disappear. Well that is my story atleast. Yes, I have abandonment issues and I have solid reasons to have them. So my issue is knowing how to accept criticism and jokes from associates and new friends. I have to gauge where their statements are coming from. And is there purpose to build me or destroy me, I've been surrounded by destroyers most of my life, so it is ironic that I am the opposite. It is hard for me to trust others intentions . I must tell myself "I will be open to criticism and take note on plausible statements."

      We should all try our best to realize and accept the fact that no one is perfect, and recognize that judgement is a destructive. Now tell yourself "I will be thoughtful and kind when I speak.", "I will accept the fact that no one is perfect not even me.", "I will talk to others the way I would liked to be talked too.", "I will give truly constructive criticism or say nothing at all." What you just told yourself where positive affirmations. You must have faith that through treating others better that their life and yours will change for the better. Be a builder; help someone raise someone up. 


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