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Learn to Love Yourself : Know Your Worth

      I harbor pain that is unspoken. I carry scars that are unseen. I am my biggest critic. I have giving my all to those who aren't worth my time. OMG, I realize that time is all I have. Time that I spent in pitiful relationships. Time, working at jobs feeling unfulfilled. I use to consider my self a victim. Now I consider my self a survivor. Because victims never heal but survivors grow stronger. My next step is to be a warrior. Because warriors fight on. This post is the first in a series about self-love. There are levels  to this. Level one is to recognize your worth. Not what people tell you your worth. Not how worthless you may have been feeling. But your true worth.
      The video above "Meet Yourself..." - Niko Everett at TEDxYouth shares a story that I can relate to. You may have let the circumstances that you grew up in define your self worth. You may have let your friends or family negativity influence how you look at yourself. If you where not affected by such things; more power to you. I struggled for along time fighting with depression and doubting myself. In all of my relationships and friendships, I failed. I was use to feeling small. So I allowed those closest to me get away with murder. When they where done they sped away like the greatest opportunists. Leaving my heart wounded in the wake. I thought I knew what love was. I thought I knew what love felt like. But I was fooling myself. Because I didn't love myself enough.

      So how did I get out of this mindset. It took me some years. I had to take a hard look in the mirror at myself . Instead of thinking of all my flaws. I thought of my strengths. My strengths: I am selfless and enjoy helping others. I am a hard worker. I am consistent. I am reliable and I kept going. At this moment you should do the same thing. Now think how great a person you are. Say these positive affirmations to yourself "I love myself, and I am worth being loved." , "My past doesn't own me; I am that much stronger because of it.", "I deserve to be loved and cared for.", " I deserve to lead a better life.", "l deserve to be happy." Now consider this. Your worth more than any price tag that someone
could attach to you. You are unique and beautiful just the way you are. You are not perfect, but that is okay, because nobody is perfect.

    Now it's time to make those life changes. Do what you must to pull yourself out of whatever rut your in. Don't think of your self as a victims; victims are powerless; victims live in fear. You are
meant to be loved not battered amd discarded. Only you can heal those wounds. It's time to truly love.


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