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Work Hard, Dreamers

      It's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s. birthday and I'd like to talk about dreams. It's funny because dreams  have been consuming my mind for the past few months. Thinking about how I let some get away from me; how I forgot some of them, and what can I do to grasp them. So I started on a journey to affirm my success and reach those goals that I kept postponing.

      "What happens to a dream deferred. Does it dry up in the sun?... Or does it explode?" - Owen Wilson in "Internship" paraphrasing  Langston Huge's "A Dream Deffered". I was just watching the movie and it got me revved up. Here you had two middle aged men. All they knew was one thing, sales. And they weren't the best at it. Then they where told that all you knew wasn't good enough anymore. They where nice fellows that wore they hearts on there sleeves. Both guys were imperfect like we all are. But they reevaluated themselves. Both of them took inventory off their strengths and weaknesses and they owned them. When you take ownership of your life you take back control of it.

      Believe it or not this is something we can all do. Ok, stop for a minute. Think to yourself. Am I happy? Do I enjoy my life? Did I settle for less? Now I'm not just talking about money. I'm talking your overall enjoyment of the life that you are currently living. If you said "No" to all those questions then you need a change. Just last year I asked myself these questions. I said "No" to those questions and I set forth toward new ventures. Yeah, it was scary and thankfully I had emotional support from my girlfriend. But I had to decide for myself that I was better then where I was working. I definitely wasn't happy. I also realized I hadn't truly enjoyed my life in years. I told myself I wasn't gonna settle and be complacent.


      "If opportunity doesn't knock build a door." - Milton Berle. If you have dreams but can't visualize how to attain them, just do. You find out more by getting out there and figuring out what works best for you. Positive affirmations helps push me everyday. Telling myself that "Building Your Items Now will be worth it," "I am greater than my past failures" and that "I will succeed in life." So I'm making moves to coincide with my affirmations. I stay self determined every day. It's difficult, no lie.  But  I'd rather work toward my dreams and goals then to twiddle my thumbs. I'd rather work hard for what I want, then to do a ho hum job at it. I have always been the type to be a hard worker, even at jobs that I disliked. So I used that same energy and put it to work. Win or loose I will learn a good lesson. I will know more by taking on this challenge then if I didn't cross the start line.

      I emplore you to have the same mindset. Love, faith and persistence are the driving force behind
all success. So use the love you have for yourself and or the love you have for others to fuel your fire. Have faith in a higher power when troubles come. Be persistent when misfortune happens. Keep yourself motivated and have fun while chasing your dreams. After all, if you don't enjoy it, what's the point?


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