Thursday, March 10, 2016

SFI: Aim High. Dream Big.

      Whats your dream? You all know I love to post about positive affirmations and motivation. In my hunt to make money from home I bumped into SFI Marketing Group . SFI is a internet based MLM company perfect for all aspiring entrepreneurs that has been in business for over 17 years. In 1998 founder of SFI Gery Carson set out to "put a dent in the universe" by creating this ground-breaking program that would utilize the internet to impower and enrich the life of millions of people around the world. Today, with 18,981 new affiliates joining in the last week alone. SFI is one of the fastest growing startup company of it's kind and is well on it's way to achieving Gery's vision. I will emplore you to take a good look into SFI; if you want to learn how to make extra money online.

      So about a month ago I became a SFI affiliate I already earn money from home. I put my best foot forward and completed there "Fast Track" program in 11 days. My sponsor quickly saw my potential and appointed me a Bronze Team Leader boosted my sign on bonus to $300 big ones and offered me a place in there Designted Diamond Program. I happily accepted and SFI placed 43 co-sponsored affiliates under me. I earn 15% Commision on anything they buy or sell. I now have a dozen Personal Sponsored affiliates under me and I earn 45% commission on there purchases and sales. My personal commission ranges between 15-30% depending upon what I sell. The more sales and or personl purchases me and my team make the more shares in the company we earn as well. Yes, I earn company shares and they do not expire. That adds up to some serious internet money.

      So what is SFI exactly? It is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and Affiliate Marketing 
combination. You get paid to promote products and services for Triple Clicks . Triple Clicks is a one of the top online shopping sites. You can buy, sell and play Zebra Games to earn member reward points. And last but definitely not least consumers can bid to buy name brand products for pennies on the dollar at Price Benders penny auctions. Also duplication is key so the more you recruit for SFI the more you earn.
This company is also international so no matter what country your from you can jump onto the money train. Be warned this program is not for slackers because anything worth having is worth working hard for.

      I do hope an amazing business opportunity like SFI Marketing Group will motivate your entrepreneur's instinct. I welcome you to Join my team  I will be your personal sponsor and team lead. I have faith that I will be a success and If your with me the sky is the limit!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Try A Triathlon: Matthew Bailey

      Do not ever say that you can't do something if you have never tried. On July 17, 2015 a 9 year old  diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy competed and finished the Castle Howard Triathlon in North Yorkshire, England. This boy's name was Bailey Matthews. He did what most adults couldn't even imagine accomplishing. His determination and will to do is all he needed to amount such a daunting task. Of course much planning and training took place but that is all a part of completing any given goal.    

      Inspired by his experience last year Bailey has organized a triathlon for kids with disabilities called the "Be More Bailey Triathlon". He has warmed so many hearts and inspired so many people. Now he is using his acclaim for the betterment of others. This is so great. One of the biggest thing anyone can do is be of good service to others. I saw him do a interview after the race and he said something so cute but encouraging "I figured I'd give it a try because tri is in triathlon."

           I look at this story and say wow this kid has a lot of heart and has a big one as well. Because 
you really have to dig deep to accomplish such a feat. The event consisted of a 50 meter swim, a 2.5 kilometer of bicycling and a 750 meter run. He affirmed his success. He told his father this is that this
 is what I want to do. He set his own pace for training and he later completed the race. It takes alot of growth and focus focus for a person to achieve a goal. And young Matthews has the full package regardless of his disability.

      So what can we take away from this story. I see that you must visualize what you want. Make a plan toward getting it. And stay persistent that you will achieve your goal. Say this to yourself "I am a winner.", "I control my destiny.", " I will be successful in any and everything that I set my mind too." I do hope that this story will invoke positive energy into every person that reads it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

To Perform Or Not To Perform

      With the recent controversy over Beyonce Knowles's "Formation" video and performance at Super Bowl 2016 one would wonder is a revolution coming. No, because black folk are already here. We are accomplished and we are more and more representative of the semi-prestigious middle class of America. Excuse me but some of my followers my be taken aback by some of my views and statements in this post. Just as they where taken aback to "Formation" and to Kendick Lamar's performance at the Grammy's. Hold on to your seats, because African Americans are ready to affirm there rightful place in society.


            "Cause I slay!" This is a term spoken in Beyonce's Bae Bowl (what Beyonce fans called Super Bowl Fifty) song. It is also a urban term that is being shopped around on all forms of media nowadays. Simply put it means "I rule, I hold the whip now". Beyonce is stating that she is in power and is using the song to empower. Yeah, some is like "But she shaking her a$! though". Yes, she is and she is making a sound announcement to the world while doing it. Stating that blacks in America aren't just sitting around and taking the injustice done to us. But rather we are grabbing the bull by the horns, taking it down and calling it our b$@?!.

       I just recently watched a great documentery The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution Directed by Stanley Nelson. If you watch the last quater of the doc. it will reveal that toward the end of The Black Panthers reign women took on many leadership roles. There was a role reversal that leveled out any sexism that may have lingered. Black woman are are strong beings and have no problem supporting and even stepping up for there black men. So many years of the divide of the black household upstarted by unnamed sources and government entities. People speak of conspiracy but the truth lies in audio, video and docturine. Many just choose to dispell the information which is presented.

      I say to my black people to hold fast and trust in the lord. He has brought us further then we could have brought ourselves. In the infamous words of James Brown "I'm black and I'm proud." I have no problem being proud of my race and if you are of African decent neither should you.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One Step At A Time

      I don't know what tomorrow holds for me, but I know I have to take it one step at a time. I woke up this morning tired and weary. I am fighting the flu yet I stayed up late last night working on my newest entrepreneurial venture. I have to get up and go to school. I have to continue to build my Smart Home startup website. I have to fiqure out what to write for this blog. Notice I kept repeating that "I have to". That is me willing myself to do. I make them my priorities. Starting a small business and still dealing with my everyday life is a major juggle. This post is for all those worrying about tomorrow. Have faith that a power higher then you will be your guide.

      All around my home are positive affirmations; hung on walls, on the shower curtains, on the side tables. It's interesting because these symbolisms where put up by my girlfriend, and she doesn't even like affirmations. She is the type that is just naturally driven and directly inspires others around her to do better. So all around me are these things that symbolize faith, desire and love. The same principles that I learned following Naploeon Hills teachings and hearing Les Browns speeches. These things make the foundation apon the beliefs I now carry. A belief that I can achieve what I put my mind too. 

      "A life well lived happens one day at a time. Focus on being your best today, and you will get where you need to be tommorow!" - Victoria Osteen
      I like the way that sounds "A life well lived." Life is about living not just passing  through. So many people are mere spectators. I want to be one of the people they are speculating about. You should feel the same way. Yeah, it's a long road, and no matter now fast we move we can only take it one step at a time. The success or wealth you want shouldn't be simply measured by a dollar sign. As you take steps towards completing your goals remember to humble yourself. Be appreciative of what little GOD has given you. If you can't recognize the small blessings, then you may just stroll right pass the big ones. Tell yourself figuratively "I will stop and smell the roses."

      Every day you must walk in faith and ask your creator to help you see with greater clarity. You must stay aware and be persistent. Do not be discouraged by the unknown. That brighter day may just come tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be A Builder

       So we have all heard of the term constructive criticism, right? Now think back to the last time you gave someone your two cents. Was that someone a family member, a friend, a co-worker or even one of your children? When you gave them your criticism did you offer advice on how they could improve themselves? Now really think; if your answer is "No" then you where a destroyer. We must all become builders. As a builder you should give sound advice. You should be kind ,and thoughtful of your words and tone when speaking. If you would like the person to do better; you must show them that you mean well. It is so easy to judge or berate  person. It takes a wonderful soul to lift someone up and point them in the right direction.

          Let's go home. Home to our comfortable furniture, familiar surroundings and loved ones. We tend to be harsher towards the ones we are closest too. It's weird because it should be the opposite way around. We should show the utmost care and concern for our loved ones. But we often dismiss them because we know they will forgive us later. What if there is not a later. I want my girlfriend to know that I love her now. I want my ma to know that I am her solace. I am not perfect, no not by far. But I am going to refrain from destructive communication. I have to retrain my mind to perpetuate positivity. I must tell myself "I will communicate better with those closest to me." It all starts at home be cause your home is truly where your heart is.

      Friends seem to be the most forgiving people you will have. Friends will take crap from you and dish it back, then laugh about it tomorrow. Friends are also the quickest to disappear. Well that is my story atleast. Yes, I have abandonment issues and I have solid reasons to have them. So my issue is knowing how to accept criticism and jokes from associates and new friends. I have to gauge where their statements are coming from. And is there purpose to build me or destroy me, I've been surrounded by destroyers most of my life, so it is ironic that I am the opposite. It is hard for me to trust others intentions . I must tell myself "I will be open to criticism and take note on plausible statements."

      We should all try our best to realize and accept the fact that no one is perfect, and recognize that judgement is a destructive. Now tell yourself "I will be thoughtful and kind when I speak.", "I will accept the fact that no one is perfect not even me.", "I will talk to others the way I would liked to be talked too.", "I will give truly constructive criticism or say nothing at all." What you just told yourself where positive affirmations. You must have faith that through treating others better that their life and yours will change for the better. Be a builder; help someone raise someone up. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Learn to Love Yourself: Keep Fighting

      We live in a age where opportunities for success are more available then ever. But we are still human. Many of us feel stuck. We work hard, but are not seeing the results we want. We fight the good fight, yet still get knocked down. Well you know what; get back up. Success will not come easy. If things aren't going the way you want them work harder. You must have faith in a higher power.  Faith that better things are to come. Faith that if you keep fighting you will win. Faith that your circumstances will change for the better.

         So are you ready? Are you ready to succeed in life? I don't know what your background is. I don't know what turmoil you are in. But I know one thing. That if you continue fighting for something that it will eventually happen. I'm fighting for my furture right now. Outside of building my smart home website, I am also is school for HVACR. It's tough and sometimes I get weary. But I know it's worth putting my best foot forward. I know that only positives outcomes will happen, because I will them to. Laugh if you may, but a positive attitude and the will to do what others won't is the difference between winners and losers. 

      It's time to put your dreaming shoes on and walk on the the clouds. Because the sky is the limit. Whatever in your life is distracting you from your goals; remove it. It sounds harsh, but major changes have to be made. Start making some of those changes now. Is the betterment of your life important to you? Say to yourself "I want to be successful.", "I will work harder towards my goals", "I am stronger now then I was yesterday." Those where positive affirmations. Now you have to do you have to fight the good fight. You are built for this. Failure is not a option. Scrape, scratch, punch, kick, pull and tackle your way to the winners circle.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Learn to Love Yourself: Fight For Your Furture

    This might sound cliche but it's the bold truth, that you have to fight for what you want. And the harder you scuffle the closer you come to obtaining it. That goes from everything in life from job promotions, respect in a relationship, equality among peers and on and on. Sometimes the battle is to move forward or away from someone or something. Never stop fighting. If you do that means you have let down your guard. If you let down your guard you give away the control you have over your life. This is part two of my "Learn to Love Yourself." Series. In part one I helped you find your true worth. This time around I will prepare you to become a warrior so you can brawl for it all.

      "Some people die at age 25..." - Benjamin Franklin. I first heard that quote from the world renowned Les Brown. The quote means some people give up on there true aspirations and dreams at age 25. Some people that we deem to be successful aren't exactly happy. This is because they aren't  doing what they have a passion for. You must muster up enough courage to battle anything life throws at you. Fear is whats paralyzing you. Let your desire to grasp what you aspire for awaken your inner light. We all get knocked down, around and upside down. But how well we heal and recover makes the difference. The difference between being one step closer to your dreams and not even attempting to take one step.


      Yeah, I know what ya'll are thinking "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor, really. But it is still one of the most inspirational songs about fighting ever created. And the name of the band is Survivor for goodness sake. The key theme to the song is focus. Think, why do they put blinders on horses and why do football helmets have little peripheral view. Those blinders and helmets help the horse and the football player to focus on whats ahead. You can easily loose sight of  your goals if you don't line them up in your sights. Now visualize the life you really want. Now act on it. Acting on it is fighting for it. If you get hit hard and your knees buckle keep up your scuffle and don't give up.

      I will close with some positive affirmations. Now say to yourself, "I will fight for what I want.", "I am a warrior, and warriors never give up.", "My past is my past, I must live for now.", " I know my worth and am willing to do what I must to get the results that I want." Now lift up them hands, ball them up and fight.